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Plant Based

Most nail lacquers are 10% bio-sourced while Nailtopia nail lacquer is 85% bio-sourced. Vegetable based ingredients like, potato, corn, wheat and manioc partially replace conventional petrochemical solvents, plasticizer and nitrocellulose.

The biotechnology to create the formulations is a greener process that considerably reduces environmental footprint!


Each and every plant based bio-sourced nail lacquer is infused with oranges, raspberries, blueberries and spinach because these ingredients help to harden, nourish, lengthen and strengthen nails!

The Nailtopian Effect

Days and days and days of chip free & long wearing, un-compromised performance in EVERY bottle!

All Free & Non Toxic

All Nailtopia nail color & care is ALL FREE, NON-TOXIC, 100% VEGAN & LEAPING BUNNY APPROVED!

Trend Alert!

Not only are we bringing the most eco-friendly nail product, we also are down with the trends! Check out our top 11 trend shades! We'll be switching these out every season so be sure to grab your favorite while they last! XO, Nialtopia