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Honestly Clean Green & Bio Sourced Honestly Clean Green & Bio Sourced

Honestly Clean, Green & Bio-Sourced!

plant based Bio-sourced renewable ingredients and clean manufacturing make Nailtopia the eco-friendliest nail brand.

Unlike most nail brands, Nailtopia’s sustainable formulates are made with plant-based bio-sourced fruit & vegetables. Our biotechnoloy is a greener process that considerably reduces environmental footprint.

Most nail lacquers are 10% bio-sourced while Nailtopia nail lacquer is 85% bio-sourced. Vegetable based ingredients like, potato, corn, wheat and manioc partially replace conventional petrochemical solvents, plasticizer and nitrocellulose. Which Means Nailtopia lacquer is more breathable and healthier for your nails.

All Nailtopia nail color & care is ALL FREE, NON-TOXIC, 100% VEGAN & LEAPING BUNNY APPROVED!

Nailtopia's Superfoods & Why!

Nailtopia's Superfoods & Why!

Nailtopia Raspberry Photo

Raspberry provides alpha-linolenic acid, and Vitamin E to help nails become hydrated and promotes regeneration of cells.

Nailtopia Orange Photo

Orange provides Vitamins C, Folic Acid to support harder, healthy nails.

Nailtopia Blueberry Photo

Blueberries provide Vitamins C, D & A and high in antioxidants to support the growth of healthy nails.

Nailtopia Spinach Photo

Spinach provides Beta-Carotene, Folic Acid and Vitamin A & C for nail strength and cuticle revitalization.

Uniquely Infused Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) & Poly Hydroxy Acids (PHA)

AHA/PHA helps to absorb vitamins and strengthens, hardens and conditions nails and cuticles.

Nailtopia Why AHA PHA Blueberry
Nailtopia Why AHA PHA Middle Photo
Nailtopia Why AHA PHA White Flower


We know your burning questions…does it ACTUALLY work? HECK YES it does!

There’s days and days and days of chip free & long wearing, un-compromised performance in EVERY bottle!

The Nailtopia Effect