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Frequently Questions

Where can I buy Nailtopia products?

In the U.S., Nailtopia products are available at the following locations:
• Exclusively at Ulta & Ulta.com

you can always shop online right here! (will add link once we receive it)

What products does Nailtopia offer?

Nailtopia color and care includes the eco-friendliest basecoats, topcoats, nail lacquer, nail and cuticle treatments. For the full list of products please click here. (link to Shop All)

Do you need Nailtopia’s basecoat?

Nailtopia’s plant based, bi-sourced base coat is recommended to set the foundation to protect the nail and helps adhere the nail lacquer to the nail.

Do you need Nailtopia’s topcoat?

Finishing every manicure with Nailtopia’s plant based, bio-sourced topcoat seals the manicure with a beautiful shine and extends your manicure for days and day and days!

What’s the best method to applying a manicure?

Start by using 1 coat of Nailtopia’s basecoat followed by 2 coats of your favorite Nailtopia finishing with Nailtopia’s topcoat to seal your manicure.

How long does it take for the manicure to dry?

After you’ve applied your base coat, 2 coats of your favorite shade and topcoat let your manicure dry for 15 minutes. Drying time can vary based on the environment, if it’s warm or humid we suggest using a fan to assist with drying time. Please note, your nails will feel dry after this time however, for completely dry nail allow 2-3 hours to ensues no smudging. Can you keep a secret? After polishing nails, dip fingertips into ice water to speed up drying time!

How long does a nail polish last?

An unopened Nailtopia nail polish will last 24 months.

How do I preserve my nail polish?

Keep your nail polish in a fridge or very cool place to keep your polish fresh!

What makes Nailtopia nail lacquer different than other nail lacquer?

Reinventing the category, Nailtopia is the eco-friendliest, plant-based, bio-sourced nail lacquer available. We don’t have harmful ingredients, we are cruelty-free and packed with clinically tested nail strengthening vitamins and minerals. A proprietary complex of real fruits and vegetables delivers calcium, Vitamin B5, Biotin, Vitamin A and naturally derived plant proteins for superior flexibility, rigidity, and strength to problem nails.

How many free is the Nailtopia lacquer?

Nailtopia nail lacquer is ALL FREE. Which means we don’t have any harmful ingredients in our nail lacquer.

What are the trend shades?

Nailtopia’s trend shades are the trendiest nail shades on the market. Nailtopia’s internal team spends months researching to bring you the best nail polish shades for any occasion!

Does Nailtopia offer nail treatments?

Yes we do! Nailtopia has:

  1. Blueberry Nail Treatment to help support long and short nails- Shop Here take to inner page
  2. Orange Nail Treatment to help toughen soft, splitting nails- Shop Here
  3. Raspberry Nail Nourishment to help restore and rejuvenate nails- Shop Here
  4. Spinach Nail Strengthener to strengthen weak, frail delicate nails- Shop Here

Does Nailtopia offer cuticle treatments?

Yes we do! Nailtopia has:

  1. Blueberry Cuticle Renewer to help care for cracked problem cuticles- Shop Here
  2. Orange Cuticle Conditioner to help moisturizer dry cuticles- Shop Here
  3. Raspberry Cuticle Hydration to help replenish and rehydrate cuticles- Shop Here
  4. Spinach Cuticle Revitalizer to help invigorates tired, cracking cuticles- Shop Here

Is it best to use both a nail treatment and cuticle treatment?

Absolutely! Using both a nail treatment and cuticle item together will give you the affects you’re looking to accomplish based on your needs. Lucky for you, we’ve created kits that have both a nail treatment and cuticle item. Shop all treatment kits here! (link to treatment page)

Is Nailtopia Vegan?

YES! All Nailtopia products are 100% vegan!

Does Nailtopia test on animals?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We’re proud to share we’re Cruelty Free Leaping Bunny Approved! We believe in loving our fur-babies not testing on them!

I’m an influencer and would love to work with Nailtopia!

Nailtopia is always looking for influencers to work with! Please EMAIL US info@nailtopia.com information about you, the type of content you create. Be sure to include your social media links! We’re excited to get to know you and have the opportunity to spread Nailtopia together!

How can I sign up to receive emails from Nailtopia?

Sign up here(add link to subscribe) to be the first to know about new products, promotions and exclusive events! Let’s hug it out, we’re family now!

Does Nailtopia have a social media?

Yes, we do and I hope you’ll follow along!

Instagram: @nailtopiabeauty
Facebook: @nailtopiabeauty

Be sure to tag us and #nailtopiabeauty so, we can like and repost you!

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